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Version: 2020.01.07

Post-Tools is a collection of tools written for the post community by a working Hollywood Post Production professional.

Locator to VFX is a re-write of an app I created in 2014, which has been used worldwide to automatically name VFX in an Avid sequence, and to automatically create a subcap list of those VFX for visual reference. This function always has been and always will be free for the community. Enjoy!

Going forward, I hope and plan to offer a variety of useful tools as part of a premium membership. The primary benefit of a "premium" membership will be persistent storage of your EDLs and lists, so that changes can be tracked meaningfully. I hope to be able to generate pull lists, and change lists, so you'll never again have to worry about manually tracking VFX changes as your cuts progress.

Assuming I get this working, I'll charge a reasonable (to be determined) fee to support the development efforts. God only knows how long it'll take to accomplish, so until then, all members will be automatically enrolled as "premium" members and will have full access to any tools I manage to make available in the alpha and beta phases. When I go live, so to speak, any existing users will have a lifetime option to subscribe at half price, as a thank you for your early and continued support.

Go forth and continue fixing it in post!